Fighting for Nothing to Happen

Still from Fighting for Nothing

Summer 2017 Featured Ethnographic Film Maker: Nora Wildenauer

Featured at the RAI Ethnographic Film Festival, the award-winning ethnographic film Fighting for Nothing to Happen documents forced migration beyond the European refugee crisis. After the volcanic eruption of Mount Rokatenda, the people of the island Pulau Palue in east Indonesia shall be relocated. But are the planned relocation and the ‘new’ life at the neighboring Pulau Besar really promising? The documentary is based on three months of ethnographic fieldwork and accompanies Father Cyrillus, priest and employee of a Christian NGO, in his efforts to promote and drive forward the relocation project.

The film is distributed on DVD and on digital formats by the Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI), and it is part of the Alexander Street Press Anthropology collection, accessible to institutional subscribers. If you are affiliated to an educational institution, search for the film on your library catalogue. If your institution is a subscriber, you will be able to view the film online. To purchase a copy of the film from the RAI follow this link:

Read Nora’s testimonial on the film


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