London Anthropology Day (30th June)

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London Anthropology day, 30th June 2023, British Museum

Are you fascinated by different cultures? Curious about human evolution? Or looking for a broad and exciting degree?

Discover what anthropology is all about by popping along to the British Musuem for London Anthropology Day. This free taster day, for Years 12, 13 and FE students, teachers, career advisers and parents, is stacked full of workshops, talks and stalls from universities offering anthropology across the country.

You’ll gain hands-on experience of what it is like to study anthropology. Take part in interactive workshops such as ‘Conspiracy Theories and Their Truths in Times of Confusion: Anthropological Perspectives’, ‘7 Million Years of Human Evolution in 45 Minutes! ‘ and ‘Are Humans Naturally Monogamous?’, delivered by university lecturers from twenty-one anthropology departments around the UK.

Students can explore career paths with anthropology, compare undergraduate courses at all the university stalls, gain tips on university admission and meet students who are currently studying anthropology.

View the programme and book here:

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Image by Frans van Heerden (Pexels)

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