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  • Consumer Anthropology and AI: Teaching Business School Students
    Robert J. Morais, Columbia Business School In the fall of 2023, I integrated generative artificial intelligence (AI) into my Columbia Business School course, Market Intelligence: The Art and the Science. The course covers how brand-building insights, strategic planning, and marketing decision making are best served by […]
  • A Classroom Research Project with Lasting Meaning
    ELIZABETH KEATING, Professor of Anthropology & Graduate Faculty, Human Dimensions of Organizations, The University of Texas at Austin Teaching through research is recognized as one of the strengths of anthropology.  A few years ago, as I was researching culture change across generations, I brought my research […]
  • Multimodal ethnographies for teaching anthropological sensibilities
    Anna Apostolidou PhD, Assistant Professor of Social Anthropology, Ionian University Given the history of our discipline, it seems rather peculiar that anthropologists are not more “naturally inclined” to employ multimodality in their research and teaching. Apart from its expressive potential, multimodality’s key […]
  • Active learning as a pedagogical strategy to enhance the learning of anthropology
    Marilou Polymeropoulou, University of Oxford, School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography Active learning is a well-established pedagogical strategy in secondary and tertiary education where independent learning and critical thinking are nurtured. Learners’ engagement, active participation, and reflection are […]
  • Learning How to Wash Your Hands in Anthropology Class 
    Anne Schiller, George Mason University  From the outset of the SARS-Covid 19 pandemic, governments and private entities worldwide launched health awareness campaigns that included instruction on cleansing one’s hands. Wall signs and foot markers materialized in a thrice. A barrage of how-to videos were posted on […]